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A new climate for cities

Three new comments in Nature Climate Change deal with the adaptation and mitigation challenges that lie ahead for cities as the world becomes increasingly urbanised and climate change begins to bite.

Latest Research

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    Marine ecosystems and their stored carbon are threatened by warming and marine heatwaves. During a 2010–2011 heatwave, around a third of a Western Australian seagrass ecosystem suffered damage, potentially releasing 2–9 Tg CO2 in the following years.

    • A. Arias-Ortiz
    • , O. Serrano
    • , P. Masqué
    • , P. S. Lavery
    • , U. Mueller
    • , G. A. Kendrick
    • , M. Rozaimi
    • , A. Esteban
    • , J. W. Fourqurean
    • , N. Marbà
    • , M. A. Mateo
    • , K. Murray
    • , M. J. Rule
    •  & C. M. Duarte
  • Letter |

    An organic carbon decomposition model, calibrated with laboratory incubations, indicates a greater production rate of CO2-C equivalents from waterlogged (compared to drained) permafrost soils, when the higher global warming potential of methane is factored in.

    • Christian Knoblauch
    • , Christian Beer
    • , Susanne Liebner
    • , Mikhail N. Grigoriev
    •  & Eva-Maria Pfeiffer
  • Letter |

    Glaciers outside Greenland and Antarctica have been rapidly losing mass. Contemporary ice declines are shown to be a response to past greenhouse gas emissions, with present mitigation efforts unlikely to be beneficial in preventing future short-term ice loss.

    • Ben Marzeion
    • , Georg Kaser
    • , Fabien Maussion
    •  & Nicolas Champollion

News & Comment

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    Permafrost soils store vast quantities of organic matter that are vulnerable to decomposition under a warming climate. Recent research finds that methane release from thawing permafrost may outpace carbon dioxide as a major contributor to global warming over the next century.

    • Elizabeth M. Herndon
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