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  • Predicting collapses of a complex system is notoriously hard. Finding ways to pull a collapsed system back to normal is even harder. A theoretical study now shows how reviving a single unit of a failed network might restore its whole functionality.

    • Patrick Desrosiers
    • Xavier Roy-Pomerleau
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  • Perturbations and disturbances can bring complex networks into undesirable states in which global functionality is suppressed. Now, a recovery scheme explains how to revive a damaged network by controlling only a small number of nodes.

    • Hillel Sanhedrai
    • Jianxi Gao
    • Baruch Barzel
  • The Guided Open Access pilot we are trialling with five other journals in the Nature Portfolio will continue into 2022. We highlight some of the main lessons we’ve learned so far.

  • To celebrate the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, James Gallagher tells the story of the British thermal unit, a unit for heat.

    • James Gallagher
    Measure for Measure
  • The physics of large systems is often understood as the outcome of the local operations among its components. Now, it is shown that this picture may be incomplete in quantum systems whose interactions are constrained by symmetries.

    • Álvaro M. Alhambra
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  • The atmospheres of most planets in our Solar System have a single large cyclonic vortex at each of their poles. Jupiter with its polygonal cyclones surrounding a single one, however, falls out of line, owing to an energy transfer to larger scales.

    • Agustín Sánchez-Lavega
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  • The beating of motile cilia arises from the collective action of hundreds of proteins. A study of the dynamics of cilia under different environmental and genetic conditions shows that the space of beating variations is low-dimensional.

    • Veikko F. Geyer
    • Jonathon Howard
    • Pablo Sartori
    Article Open Access
  • The dynamics of quantum information and entanglement is closely linked to the physics of thermalization. A quantum simulator comprised of superconducting qubits has measured the spread of quantum information in a many-body system.

    • A. Safavi-Naini
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  • Observations of an electronic state where rotational symmetry is broken show that this could be a generic feature of moiré materials.

    • Benjamin E. Feldman
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