Chemistry is a branch of science that involves the study of the composition, structure and properties of matter. Often known as the central science, it is a creative discipline chiefly concerned with atomic and molecular structure and its change, for instance through chemical reactions.


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    Biochemist whose discoveries led to faster, more-accurate DNA testing.

    • Jesús Avila
    • , Federico Mayor
    •  & Lourdes Ruiz-Desviat
    Nature 576, 208
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    A curious chemical structure from the imagination of a child will forever be connected with a cancer diagnosis for one particular family. And now the challenge is on to make this molecule a reality.

    • Filucca Sophia Bjørnskov
    •  & Thomas Bjørnskov Poulsen
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    Michelle Francl considers the long-lost art of the reprint card and the debate that once raged about its use and misuse.

    • Michelle Francl
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    The role of testosterone in female sexuality is still controversial. In 2019, a meta-analysis and a Position Statement on testosterone therapy for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in menopausal women and a Position Statement on the potential sexual adverse effects of hormonal contraception have begun to close this gender gap.

    • Linda Vignozzi
    •  & Yacov Reisman
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    A failure to recognize the factors behind continued emissions growth could limit the world’s ability to shift to a pathway consistent with 1.5 °C or 2 °C of global warming. Continued support for low-carbon technologies needs to be combined with policies directed at phasing out the use of fossil fuels.

    • G. P. Peters
    • , R. M. Andrew
    • , J. G. Canadell
    • , P. Friedlingstein
    • , R. B. Jackson
    • , J. I. Korsbakken
    • , C. Le Quéré
    •  & A. Peregon